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Ardryn Braerwinter

Ardryn Braerwinter Born 1363DR (currently 19)

Ardryn was left fatherless when his father, Lord Edryn Braerwinter died defending Azoun from the Death Dragon (see Death of the Dragon page 270 By Ed Greenwood and Troy Denning). At a memorial ceremony to remember the dead he met Brieanna Tolon whose father, Lord Steelmar Tolon died at the same time. Because of their mutual loss, their respective mothers became friends and the families became close spending several summers together at each others estates.

Worshipping Tempus (and Tymora, although he doesn’t think he does), Ardryn is a ‘leap before you look’ knight. Committed to a better and safer Cormyr, he wants to give battle to the ‘evils that threaten us all’. He embodies all the compassionate and helpful knightly virtues and volunteers first before thinking (or asking his companions!). Tends to take the initiative and get into the thick of action first, (whether that is conversation, feasting, challenges or battle). Becomes very expressive with his arms emphasising points and ‘talking to all’ (loudly) when drunk. Good hearted and caring, he wants to prove himself to the ‘wider Cormyr’ (read: Court) and do his family name and fathers memory justice. He is not worldly wise yet, trusting people and taking them at ‘face value’. His mother died in 1381 leaving him the only member of his family, unable to pay for the upkeep of the estate he sold it and invested all his money in armour, weapons and his horse. He fell in with Brester Orthwood and presented himself to Court early is 1382 DR (See Brieanna’s entry for more details).

Though poor, he will not ask for help or payment for tasks undertaken and is supported on the road by Brester and Brieanna (this is never discussed outside of the three and not even between them). He want to find a noble Lord and give his service to him or her, (Noble as in: good, truthful, honest, been there/seen it/done it person who shows all the ‘proper’ knightly virtues).

He hopes that through service he will earn his name and find his path. As well as earn an income and a bride to raise a large family with which to keep the Braerwinter line going. He finds Brieanna most attractive but knows that Brester likes her and is unsure whether to ‘press his claim’ or not (the only time he does think before asking!). He is currently in Thunderstone having offered his sword to the Local Lord in protecting the populace from the “Horrors of the Hullack, the Thunder Peaks and the Vast Swamp” (‘biting off more than you can chew’ is not a phrase that Ardryn understands….)

Tall (6’2”), good looking and honest, his zeal for life gains him many friends and he can be relied upon to help and support any who are suffering, in need of help or who are ‘good types’ (as he sees it), without thought or cost to himself or his friends who ride with him. He is suspicious of those who seem ‘less than honest’ and is slow to let them into his life if he judges then ‘wrong’ (even if they are good). He judges people quickly, at first sight and forms an opinion straight away. So he is therefore sometimes incorrect about a person’s true spirit. He keeps his equipment clean and serviceable and is always looking to get better equipment and clothes. He is immaculate at all times (if possible), though an observant Wizard of War noticed his wardrobe may be grand but it is rather limited (a cause for concern? easily bought by Sembia perhaps? So the Wizard thought and so seeks proof to back up his theory)

Has an innate wild talent of being more resistant to poisons (though not alcohol despite the volumes that he drinks most nights if he gets the chance). Tasch of Tymora has met Ardryn and recognises that he is of the true faith of the Lady Luck, though he knows that Ardryn does not agree, especially when Ardryn made his thoughts known to the ‘meddlesome priest’ during the summer Revel in Thunderstone.

For C&C
CG HM Knight 2
S 17; I 11; W 11; C 14; D 14; Cha 14 (primes are Cha, Dex and Con)

Is an excellent rider and wields a large horseman’s mace, lance and two handed sword in combat.

For 3.x
Fighter class with emphasis on riding feats, improved toughness, great fortitude (and a poison save feat if there is one?). Weapon Focus and specification in lance and mace.

For 1E/2E
Cavalier class or similar kit, weapon specialisation in lance and/or horseman’s mace (he prefers to fight from horseback, getting off only if he has to with his two-handed sword). NWP in Ride, Endurance and singing/oration.

Tymora has smiled upon him and he has maximum hit points for his first 3 levels.
He has a wild talent giving a +4 bonus to poison saving throws.

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