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Brester Orthwood

Brester Orthwood born 1360 DR (currently 22)

Caveat: have appropriated Brester for my campaign so the timeline and his description might be somewhat different from Dragon Annual 5 in which he first appeared (which I don’t have and have not read).

Brester has been described thus: “considered an up-and-comer, the most restless and competent son of the house”. He has a fairly sharp mind and quickly ‘gets the point’ in any conversation. He is a good rider and a personal tutor ensured he has a good knowledge of politics, battle tactics and warfare. He can debate history and the useful application of mathematics and engineering confidently and plays chess extremely well. He speaks dwarven, gnome and halfling passably.

He is not though a natural speaker and is not overly forceful when debating, but he gets his point of view across articulately. He has dark features, is not classically attractive and can look ‘dangerous’ at times (though certain ladies at Court find this look rather attractive). Many think him arrogant and aloof when talking to him as he seems to ignore them. In truth he is normally thinking through what people have just said rather than interacting with them. He understands not only what they say but also their underlying sentiments and what they failed to say and is therefore ‘filling in the blanks’ in the ongoing intrigues and schemes that folks are involved with. He also possesses an excellent memory for conversations from years past including the full tone, pitch, accent and ‘hidden’ meanings of what was uttered.

Money does not appear to be an issue to him and he always manages to conjure up a few coins to pay for food, drink and lodging. In reality he has a wild talent of being able to absorb coins into his right hand where they stay waiting to be recalled (they are not physically in his hand, but elsewhere in a small dimensional space, his hand is just the ‘door’ to the space). He can ‘steal’ coins in this way but rarely does unless the person has offended him, or he thinks them pompous or evil or just too rich to care. He never ‘shows’ off this talent, he always reaches into a pocket or small purse to retrieve coins he thinks about. He cannot take other items and store them only minted coins of copper, silver and gold (he currently has around 3000 coins stored, most of them a gift from his family when he left). He cannot handle platinum at all, he is overcome with nausea if he picks up a Tricrown and if he continues to hold the coin he will pass out and go into shock. The extent of this talent and how he came to have it is unknown. No one apart from his father and the family wizard know of this ability and no one in the family has ever had a similar ‘trick’. They do not discuss this as no doubt the Crown will hear and very soon a War Wizard or three will make an appearance for an informal chat……..

Like many of the ‘young stags’ at Court he wanted to prove himself, and unlike most he has actually acted upon this desire, but only after careful thought about the consequences of his actions, not only to his own reputation, but to those he is with and most especially on his family and how it might affect them at Court and with the other noble families. He left his family on good terms and is always welcome back. This forethought and ongoing displays of intellect and good manners has persuaded more than one loyal courtier and War Wizard of his worth in the ‘Bright Future of Cormyr’ when Azoun V becomes King.

He rides with Ardryn and Brieanna because he seeks to understand Cormyr better and its people more fully. So that in the future when he ascends to a position of power in his family he can be more effective in ruling and shaping them. He is also seeking an appropriate mate, one who has the intellect, wit and spirit that matches and challenges his own. Currently Brieanna Tolon is foremost in his thoughts and he is carefully pondering how best to approach her without ruining their firm friendship if she does not feel the same.

The oldest of the Triswords does not make him the most sensible and he relishes the opportunity to chase after Ardryn when he has one of his regular ‘flights of fancy’. Brester is near fearless when facing down foes having spent a year in the Eveningstar Garrison as a Blade in the Army, fighting goblins, wolves and trolls of the Stonelands. He was offered a commission as a Lionar but turned it down as he was “not yet ready to dedicate myself to Cormyr, I fear my breeding will bring doom to my men” which left the Onrion who had offered it to him lost for words and proud at the same time. Because of this time in the army he is the most competent and calm of the Triswords and knows when a battle should not be given but avoided, (however convincing Ardryn is another matter!).

His equipment is the best that money can buy without being ostentatious or showy. He places little worth is showing off his wealth or ‘parading like a peacock’ like so many of his contemporaries do.

His future is uncertain, a few of the more prominent members of Court are hopeful he continues to progress without becoming as arrogant and cruel as most of the other nobles seem to. Perhaps Lordship of Eveningstar or Tyrluk for the Crown is in the offing in a decade or so?

For C&C
NG HM Fighter 3 (primes are Str, Int and Wis)
S 16; I 14; W 13; C 15; D 9; Ch 11

Is an excellent rider despite his poor dexterity (legs only due to the shaking fever he contracted when he was just a babe, his legs did not grow firm and his knee joints are fused, his effective dexterity for hands is 14). Is specialised in Longsword

For 3.x
Fighter with good ride score including skill focus ride, skill focus in sense motive, weapon focus in longsword, skill focus in diplomacy and skill focus Knowledge Engineering, knowledge skills as above.

His armour and weapons are all masterwork. He is not a swashbuckler or similar ‘fancy style’ fighter type. He is soldier who has served his time and can’t be bothered with ‘this high-nose fighting nonsense that achieves nothing but to impress ladies of the court and get one killed’. He said this to his sword tutor the first time he met him (aged 11) when the tutor started to teach him to use a rapier, Brester snapped the blade in two and picked up a longsword instead.

For 1E/2E
Fighter specialised in Longsword, NWP in riding, etiquette, and engineering.

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