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Pedrolynth Glimmergold

Pedrolynth Glimmergold Born 1364 (currently 18)

Second son of a successful merchant of Wheloon, Pedrol learnt a lot about Cormyr by travelling around with his parents. Able to provide him with a personal tutor, his family ensured their son had a good and decent upbringing, because of this Pedrol has developed an interest in History, Nobles, Geography, Riding and Trading (especially horses, pottery, glassware and jewellery). 

Physically large and tough he is quick with his hands and feet, and when angered is handy with his fists. Pedrol has a sharp business mind and is always looking for the business angle in any opportunities that present themselves to him. 

Aged 14 his family moved to Espar as his father decided to trade in horseflesh. In Espar he met his best friend Forlyth Dauntinghorn, a groom to the aging Lord Hezom. He liked the older boy who was learning his riding and knightly skills and they discussed nobility and history. They struck up an immediate friendship and Pedrol became his unofficial squire learning riding and horse care from him whilst Pedrol showed him how to play chess and how to speak to girls. 

When Pedrol became of age they decided to leave to leave Espar and find their ‘fortune’ in Cormyr. Their journey was blessed by a Priest of Helm (who was visiting the Sentinel Stone) and they swore a blood oath and became brothers. Pedrol has since become the ‘master’ in their relationship and Forlyth the ‘squire’. Fortunately Pedrol is not malicious and does not take advantage of his friends’ lack of wit and unquestioned trust and loyalty in him.

Money is not a problem for him, but he has learnt that money can’t buy respect or nobility, the two things he craves the most. Pedrol is ‘mildly jealous’ of his friend and his family name and wants to achieve nobility himself, (or at least enough coin so that he can buy a title!). Rarely separated from each other, Pedrol lets Forlyth do the initial talking when they meet new people giving him time to judge and assess them before he steps in and takes over. He has a ‘nose’ for sensing trouble and also for being in the right place at the right time. A War Wizard and Local Watch commander both noticed this when the two uncovered a smuggling operation in Wheloon, after careful scrying and prying to ascertain their true motives the Wizard suggested to them both that their fortune might be made further to the east and north serving the Lords of Thunderstone and quelling the evils of the Hullack. 

Pedrol is half Turmish (from his father’s side) with a tan complexion and dark black curly hair which he cuts short. He keeps a short beard in honour of his father and has green/hazel eyes. He is gregarious and friendly and can chat for hours about not much. He is sharp as a pin when it comes to money and has secreted funds in various places across eastern Cormyr to fall back upon if needed. He keeps no map but has a rhyme to remind him when things are. His easy charm and conversation makes him a favourite with ladies, (and he manages to find a lady for Forlyth as well). He speaks many languages and endeavours to learn more on his travels. Though not lawful, he adheres to the oath that he and Forlyth swore and considers Forlyth his true brother.

For C&C
NG HM Fighter 1
S 17; I 16; W 12; C 12; D11; Ch 17 (primes are Str, Int and Cha)
Specialised in Broadsword, he has masterwork chain armour and steel shield. His wealth is that of a Knight and comes outfitted with a superb light warhorse of maximum hit points. An accomplished rider he has the ability to leap and charge like a Knight does.

For 3.x
Appraise, Bluff, Sense Motive and Diplomacy are class skills for him (he loses swimming, jump & climbing), as well as points in ride and languages. His feats are improved unarmed combat, mounted combat and Skill focus Profession Trader. 

For 1E/2E
Fighter class with specialisation in broadsword, NWP in trading and riding, plus languages


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