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Escaner Battlehawk

Escaner Battlehawk born 1359DR (currently 23)

Escaner grew up around wealth, privilege, nobles and knights and aspired for the same lifestyle. His father was the farm manager and his mother a personal maid both in service to the Battelbar noble family, the fourth generation of ‘Hawks to serve the ‘Bars. This ongoing loyalty does not go unnoticed by Nobles and when the young Escaner showed an interest in swordcraft and horses, Lord Battlebar agreed to sponsor the young man. 

He became a Purple Dragon, training at the Academy of Valiant Arms near Jesters Green. Escaner was an average student overall but excelled in fitness and physical tasks/training and was posted to the Espar garrison, as Firstsword. It became obvious to both him and his commanding officer that he was never going to be a full officer. Though strong and a good fighter he lacked the ongoing discipline, leadership qualities and tactical ‘nouse’ required to become a Swordcaptain or better. Neither of them wished to cause the Battlebar family any embarrassment, so a deal was struck and Escaner left the army as soon as he was legally allowed to. Rather then return home a failure, a letter was sent to his parents saying that he was to be posted to Gnoll Pass to guard the coal mines and trade roads from the goblins of the Stonelands. 

Escaner set off east to Sembia, when asked about this by the Lords of Thunderstone, he said he went ‘merchanting’ to the Kingdom of Coin. In reality he was a paid caravan guard, though he did have enough ‘savvy’ to do some small scale trading himself buying and selling low value items, to earn a few extra silvers for luxuries. His dislike of Sembian ways forced a return back to Cormyr for this restless youth, still needing to do something and hoping that Cormyr would offer better opportunities than Sembia had. 

He briefly became a bodyguard for a merchant and her family in Wheloon, but found the restriction of being ‘on call’ every moment of every day too much and left after a few months service. He did manage to make some contacts during that time and began working for a small trading coster, based out of Dawngleam, (Haerdruths Spices and Perfumery), that delivered small and portable high coin goods imported from the south (mainly perfumes, incense, cosmetics and jewellery), to various noble ladies around the Eastern Marches. Escaner thoroughly enjoyed the freedom this gave him, to ride ‘swift delivery’ around Cormyr and effectively be his own boss. He picked up an excellent knowledge of where places are and how to get to them quickly and has a wild talent in Direction Sense. 

Fortunately for him he was elsewhere when Haerdruth was killed and his business burnt out by unknown outlanders who did the deed and left by a waiting ship very quickly. Once again at a loose end, he tried his hand at setting up a similar business but found that the logistics of, and coins needed for setting up such an operation were beyond him. Running out of coin and trying to find ‘proper’ work in Wheloon, he heard that there was money to be made for good folk who could ride and were handy with a blade in the growing community of Thunderstone. Escaner saw this as one last chance to ride out and make coin and quickly ‘joined up’. There he found similar ‘young blades’ with the same desires as him and this companionship has been a boon, he finally feels part of something and can see there is a future for him.

Escaner is quite plain, normal and ordinary, not ‘standing out’ from the crowd and is somewhat ‘lost’ within the group as their more forceful personalities overshadow his quieter demeanour (especially Dryn and Pedrol). However he is proving that he is competent on horseback and dependable in a fight. From his ‘merchanting days’ he faced bandits and goblins and is more ‘seasoned’ than the rest (excluding Brester). He does not ‘flap’ before or during combat remaining calm and quiet. This has helped the younger blades to panic less when battle is joined. He is seen as ‘dependable’ by the other blades and they all like him, he has enough ‘honest charm’ (charisma) that it is very hard for anyone to dislike him. 

However, the Lords are not so sure about him or his dedication to the ‘cause’. In conversation with him about his past they have realised that he has a lack of focus and are wondering if his wanderlust will take him elsewhere again? (The Lords’ Steward shrewdly described him as “the nice boy from around the corner, the type that causes no trouble, but not one who will make much of himself. The boy that a mother would like her daughter to marry, to settle down with and raise a family, to have a good, safe but ordinary life”). 

He rarely gets into an argument, holds no radical views and does not put himself forward. His speech sums up his personality: “I would hope we could do that”; “I would like to think that I could help”; “I am not sure but am willing to try my best”. 

He is coin poor, and compared to the others this shows. His equipment and clothes are standard, normal and every day, the type that guards and low level adventurers have, they are adequate and do the job, but are missing that grandeur that good quality clothes and masterwork weapons have. 

He lacks some of the social graces that the others have (small talk and knowledge skills) and becomes quite self conscious at formal sit down meals as he can’t talk politics or tactics or horse breeding or the more ‘noble arts’ of poetry, song and dance. He wants to be like the others, but doesn’t quite seem to be able to take that extra leap of confidence and actually do it. Time will tell if he manages to acquire these traits or whether he gets suffocated by the others. This is what he wants, to belong and be ‘successful’ .

For’ succesful’ read: money, privilege, to be liked and consulted on matters, to have land and horses and knights working for him and further note: not to be good or brave or do something really heroic, he believes that adventurers can do that ongoing heroic stuff, he just wants to do some heroic stuff, enough to get a name and coins and then live a pleasant successful life as a landowner and he wants to do it as quickly and painlessly and as easily as possible, but to do it properly, not by murder or theft as he is not like that, he wont take advantage of people or take things that aren’t his, though he might share in their glory if he can? But deep down he knows that he must earn it and that others have to see him earning it, but he prefers to earn it easily if at all possible).

For C&C
CG HM Fighter 2
S 16; I 12; W 11; C 15; D 13, Ch 13 (primes are Str, Con and Dex)
Specialised in longsword, he has a chain shirt and small steel shield. His light warhorse is average and getting somewhat long in the tooth. 

For 3.x
Fighter 2: weapon focus longsword, skill focus ride, iron will, improved toughness. Given his nature in later levels he will not stick to a focussed tree of feats (power attack, cleave, great cleave etc) but pick uncoordinated feats ‘as and when’. This makes him less effective at defining his role within the group. 

Knowledge geography is a class skill for him and he tends to be average at most skills (i.e. he spreads his skill points out), rather than maximising in one or two skills, though ride is far his best skill.

For 1E/2E
Fighter specialised in longsword, (no fighter kit). NWP in ride, direction sense and geography 

Direction sense: he has the ability to judge where north is (outdoors only) and is also an excellent judge of distance and position in areas he knows (i.e. Hultail is over there in that direction, less than a mornings ride away and the Ghars road is to the southwest from here by Thundshold hamlet). Consider him to have a +4 bonus to any check that involves not getting lost/finding the right path/knowing where the nearest village is etc


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