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Brieanna Tolon

Brieanna Tolon born 1362 DR (current age 20)

Brieanna was left fatherless when her father, Lord Steelmar Tolon died defending Azoun from the Death Dragon (see DoTD page 270). At a memorial ceremony to remember the dead she met Ardryn Braerwinter whose father, Lord Edryn Braerwinter died at the same time. Because of their mutual loss, their respective mothers became friends and the families became close spending several summers together at each others estates. 

At 14 Brie was sent to the House of Grace School in Suzail, to ‘finish’ and prepare her for life at court. She learnt much in her time there excelling at poetry, embroidery, dancing, singing, etiquette and heraldry. However after 4 years she was claustrophobic and felt hemmed in by constant classes in deportment and the History of the Realm so when she was finally presented at court and ‘graduated’ she knew that her scholarly life was over and she would be able to have fun for a change. However, court life did not prove exciting or fun and she quickly grew bored of the constant gossiping, one-upmanship and backbiting she encountered and found she spent more and more time out in Suzail on the Promenade and in the country outside of the walls atop horseback, (often being pursued by young noble lads’ intent on wooing her with poor poetry and cruder talk).

Her salvation came during the Spring Revel of 1382 DR (the first great social event of the year held by the Court). Her childhood friend Ardryn (Dryn as she calls him) appeared at court as the new head of his family to present himself to the Steel Regent, Dowager Queen, and Crown Prince Azoun, with him was an up and coming noble Brester Orthwood. The two had become friends at the Wheloon Horse Fair in autumn 1381 DR and Dryn had wintered on the Orthwood estate, where they had both planned and plotted to break away from traditional family life and do something ‘important’. Brie and Dryn took off just where they had left each other 6 years ago and when she heard of their dreams and schemes she at last found something she wanted to do. Leaving her position at Court, she followed the two ‘boys’ as she calls them east and north to Thunderstone where Dryn had heard that a great summer hunt was to take place. 

Brie found that she enjoyed spending times with the two bladeknights and discovered a love of the ‘wild lands’ of eastern Cormyr. She is becoming an accomplished rider and is developing her innate wild talent for tracking and basic ‘wilderness lore’, (in other words weather conditions, places to rest, where to find water etc, not hunting or shelter building or herb lore). 

Brie has become the rock to which her two knights stand against, her natural intelligence and wit has helped them to get along with a wide variety of folks and also to get out of one or two tricky situations they have found themselves in. She tends to let them two get on with it and just follows enjoying the fun. Normally last to speak of the three, she rarely disagrees with either of them in public, but quietly pushes them to a better solution if they are going down the wrong path (in confidence and not in front of people). Those who know her realise that she is the glue that is keeping the three together and makes them a more formidable group (the ‘Triswords’) than they are as individuals. 

Her friendship with Dryn has grown to love and she is bright enough to realise that Brester is slowly falling in love with her also. She cares not a jot that Dryn has sold his lands and is a coinpoor Knight, only that she wants to be with him. She is hoping that Dryn makes his feelings known very soon, before the burgeoning feelings that Brester has for her makes life difficult for the ‘Triswords’, to whit she is constantly looking out for a good lady for Brester to meet and court and if no good ladies are available, a local lass that will take his mind off her for awhile will do (this is not something he unduly minds!). She is careful to make sure that no one apart from the three know of Dryn’s financial state and no talk of her and Brest providing for him is ever mentioned between them.

‘Fair of face and full of grace’ appropriately sums up Brieanna. Her finishing in Suzail has given her the life skills she needs to talk to people and enjoy entertainment with them in song and dance, and her ‘adventures’ on the roads of Cormyr has grounded her in much needed commonsense and sparked a true love for the land in which she dwells.

Her riding and tracking skills make her a perfect horse scout and she is starting to learn to use a short bow to provide artillery support for the ‘boys’ as they go charging off after whatever has come out of the Hullack to threaten the local populace. She is not one to get herself into combat, but will do so if Dryn or Bres are in serious trouble. She has a masterwork dagger for such occasions

For C&C
NG HF Horse Scout 1 (similar to the Horse Rider from Netbook of Classes)
S 12; I 16; W 16; C 13; D 17; Ch 15 (her primes are Int, Wis and Dex)

She has a wild talent giving her +2 to any tracking/wilderness lore roll (at DM’s discretion increase to +3 at 3rd level, +4 at 5th etc)
She is a good rider and can adequately use a short bow and dagger.

For 3.x 
Consider her an expert, not a ranger, with the appropriate skill choices and feats (Skill focus Ride, Track). She does not have the temperament or training to be a ranger and although she likes the wilderness, she prefers civilisation just a little more.

For 1E/2E
Choose fighter but without specialisation and an emphasis on NWP’s in Ride, Endurance, Singing/Dancing, Tracking (or appropriate ‘Kit’ from a splat book if there is one?).

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