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Elyn of Wheloon

Elyn of Wheloon (Born ?? 1357/1358DR probably so currently 24/25)

Elyn is an unusual addition to the Bright Blades. Of common stock she was encountered in the lands south east of Wheloon that run down to the sea. Known as the Wyvern Downs, this land is a series of rolling hills, windswept and bare and offers little except sheep farming and beet growing.

Elyn is a local lass who made her living from hunting rabbits and graywings (herring gulls), selling carcasses, fur, eggs and feathers to taverns and passing caravans in Wheloon. Known as the ‘Silent Lady’, by the common folk whose land she worked, she speaks little and has an uncanny ability to move silently in the wilds appearing ‘out of nowhere’ when she wants.

Elyn has no formal training but has the skills of a ranger. She loves to be out and about and grew quietly dismayed by the ‘civilisation’ of Wheloon and the coast lands as people flock to the growing town. They have started to sprawl down the Way of the Manticore and along the banks of the Wyvernflow. The bleak windswept land she loves started to become a little too crowded for her.

She was approached by a local trader in Wheloon to guide some nobles to Machon Blackbarrow, a sheep farmer and breeder of wirehairs (terriers) who lives close by the sea some 10 miles southeast of Wheloon. The Nobles explained about where they came from and how the land was full of trees and moors and windswept mountains, Elyn was intrigued but said nothing else, she could not imagine ever leaving the Wyvern Downs and moving elsewhere. A deal was struck between the Nobles and Machon and he agreed to send a full hand count of dogs to Thunderstone. Elyn was paid by the Nobles to help transport them there and when she arrived she decided to stay on for a little while, to explore the southern edges of the Hullack, a wild wood unlike any she had ever seen before.

She has no battle skill (the most dangerous things she has fought are graywings protecting their eggs) and only uses her club, sling and dagger to hunt, kill and skin small animals and birds. Lora-Ella Warden of Thunderstone is trying to teach her to use a bow (this is proving slow work), but the Warden has been impressed with how quickly Elyn has picked up woodlore from her. Elyn is never without her own wirehair and has proved very useful in netting rabbits, rats and other vermin that plague Thunderstone. She guides patrols of the Purple Dragon Blades into the Hullack and is developing her tracking skills quickly. She has encountered goblins, (but did not fight them) and boar which she tried to net and snare, however this did not prove successful, so she is sticking to smaller game.

Elyn is amazed that she finds herself here and keeps thinking she is in a dream, she has become a friend with Lora-Ella (Warden of Thunderstone and Lords Ranger) and looks up to her a role model, as someone that she can become, to be better skilled and liked and loved and needed as Lora is.

Dutiful and quiet, Elyn does not seek glory, coin or battle like the other Bright Blades. She does feel proud that they need her and that they ask her advice and guidance in matters of the wild. Some of them have also taking a keen interest in her hunting forays and they have acquired wirehairs of their own and go out with Elyn into the fields for a ‘day out with the dogs’, where they get to dash around, hollering and shouting and gambling with each other on whose dog will catch the most vermin. Elyn is amused by their antics, and she gets to keep all the kills made as payment for her time.

Elyn is careful and likes to plan days in advance, but is wistful and wanders off for days at a time on occasion. She is dependable and likeable, but not reliable (as in she is not guaranteed to be around. She is very reliable when she is around and does her best at all times), she has hidden talents and could do a lot more if properly trained and supported.

She looks barely older than 17 or 18 and is innocent and not worldly wise at all, speaking quietly and without knowledge of things beyond hunting, skinning and being out in the wilds, feeling the wind blowing against her and the warmth of the sun on her face.

For C&C
CG HF Ranger 2
S 14; I 11; W 14; C 11; D 10; Ch 11 (her primes are Str, Wis and Con)

She is not battle trained and her BtH advances as a rogue. She does not have combat marauder or poison lore but does gain a +4 bonus to conceal and move silently. She also gets a +4 bonus to hunting prey she knows (see below).

She uses her club, dagger and sling for hunting only, not in combat and she has a padded quilt leather for protection (no shied).

For 3.X
Consider her an Expert not a Ranger, with appropriate skills as described above and feats in Skill Focus Profession Hunter and Toughness. Under her tutelage with Lora-Ella she will start to develop Ranger Skills (track, hit points, woodlore/survival) but without becoming a ranger, continuing to advance as an Expert. She is an exceptional hunter of certain prey (see below) and she automatically succeeds her skill check to successfully hunt if they are plentiful in the area she is in.

For 1E/2E
Consider her a ranger with the To Hit/THACO of a rogue, with weapon proficiencies as above, (and appropriate woodman/scout kit is there is one?)

Elyn is actually a ‘facetwist’ as doppelgangers/mirrorkin are known in Cormyr. She is alone and has no idea what she really is, how she came here or who her real ‘parents’ are, though she is acutely aware she is very different from the rest of the people she exists with. She was raised by a local farming familyin Wheloon who found her abandoned after the great storm that swept Cormyr during the Fall of the Gods on the night they fell to Faerûn (the Time of Troubles) and raised her as their own. They have since died of ‘white cough’ (tuberculosis) contracted during the Death Dragon affair. She has mastered the ability to change shape and form and does so every few weeks, to let out the rage that is inside of her (which is why she goes missing). Her facetwist personality and alignment is hidden from scrying and detect thoughts (ESP) when she is ‘Elyn’. It is unknown how she would appear if more powerful divination spells were used.

When she changes into a Facetwist her stats are:
S 14; I 11; W 17; C 15; D 17; Ch 6 and becomes Chaotic Neutral retaining her two levels of Ranger/Expert. She gains a +2 bonus to hit and damage on top of her normal BTH as well as 2 extra HD. Her body and mind rage uncontrollably for several minutes when she first shifts and she is aware of this rage building up for a few days or so beforehand and makes sure she is away in the wilds before she rages. After raging she has no choice but to keep her facetwist shape for several hours before she finally gains control over it and can shape back into Elyn. She is very vulnerable for the few minutes she rages and all her mental defences fall away, allowing her to be scryed and mind read successfully (of course all mind reading does is show uncontrolled chaos and rage!).

She has not slain any humanoid as a facetwist, but has killed animals and birds and this gives her the ability to take their form for a limited amount of time (about an hour a day) if she chooses to and explains her excellent knowledge of their lifestyle and habits and her success in hunting them. She rarely changes form voluntarily, (animals include rabbits, rats, graywings, mice, various field birds, wildcat and stoat, feel free to add a few more, but they will tend to be small, so no wolves or bears)

Her constant flow from Elyn to Facetwist keeps her healthy and young looking and her appearance is of a girl of 17/18 not 24. She has no blemishes or scars on her skin as shifting ‘heals’ her and rejuvenates her skin. More than one man in Thunderstone has noticed how ‘smooth’ she looks (and for one of the Blades how silky her skin actually feels), however certain ladies of Thunderstone have been known to say more spiteful things about her ‘perfect’ complexion……

She is not evil or malicious or uncaring as a Facetwist, neither is she loyal or loving or sharing, she just is as she is and knows that others would find her ‘wrong’ and a ‘threat’ if they saw her when she rages, so she makes sure they don’t.

If she was discovered (by a nosy adventuring party for instance) and confronted with the ‘truth’ her emotions would be calm and she would deny understanding what they are saying, “Sorry goodsirs, I am but a simple huntress, I do not understand what you mean”. She does not need to put on an act of a local girl who knows little, she is a local girl that knows little and any scrying, mind reading or truth magic’s cast by Wizards or Priests would confirm what she is saying is the truth. Which might make said adventuring group look very stupid and would no doubt make the local Lord Elyn has been dragged in front of for questioning most angry at having these fools waste the Lords time and make said Lord lookequally foolish in front of the local folk…….. (I am sure that creative DM’s can come up with an ongoing series of adventures for their players to ‘prove’ their claims )


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  1. Miles Fujiwara December 17, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    Thanks for sharing such a good idea, post is pleasant, thats why i have read it fully

    • Damian December 18, 2011 at 6:55 pm

      Thanks Miles, glad you liked it, The PC’s in the game know what Elyn is after a year or so of trying to work it out, it proves an ongoing moral dilemma for them in deciding what they should do with her ‘monsterous’ personality.

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