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Forlyth Dauntinghorn

Forlyth Dauntinghorn born 1361 (currently 21)

A knightly noble type, his father is cousin to Hector head of the family. Forlyth is loyal to the Crown and Cormyr and he has surprised many in his family and at Court by actually doing something and ‘riding out for Cormyr’.

The reason for this surprise is that from an early age it became apparent that Forlyth was somewhat dull-witted and as he entered his teens it was obvious that he was not the ‘sharpest blade in the scabbard’ as the Purple Dragon veteran assigned to the Dauntinghorns as weapons tutor/head of security told Lord Dauntinghorn after a fruitless summer of trying to teach the boy fighting techniques, military tactics and military history. When finally allowed at Court his lack of wit did not gain him many friends in the competitive environment. Through family connections they got him as job as apprentice ostler to the ‘Horse Master of the Court’ and Forlyth found something he could do, ride. A serving Purple Dragon Knight took a shine to the young enthusiastic boy and taught him further riding skills. An observant War Wizard noticed then when he spoke to the Knight about his loyalty to Cormyr and the Crown he spoke truth, so he was sent to the Royal Stables in Espar where his slow witted persona would not hinder him as much as it did in Suzail. 

In Espar he fell in with a young lad 3 years his junior (Pedrolynth Glimmergold), whose father was a successful merchant who had spread his wings to buying and selling horseflesh. The two hit it off straight away and became good friends. Pedrol looked up to Forlyth and became his ‘squire’ learning riding and the caring of horses from him. When Pedrol became of age he convinced Forlyth that they should seek their fortunes in the service of the Crown and became sword brothers blessed by a Priest of Helm (who was visiting the Sentinel Rock) and swearing upon a bloodied blade, to stand ever vigilant against the evils that beset Cormyr, to guard the weak and oppressed and be ever watchful of corruption.

Forlyth has a child-like innocent charm about him; many are taken aback by his honesty, but are equally impressed by his forthright belief in ‘doing the right thing’. He is tall, just over 6’ with a large round face. He is surprising quick on his feet for such a big man. His lack of wits makes him easily led, especially for the ‘right cause’ (Pedrol keeps a sharp eye out in case the good cause happens to be a bad one).

Forlyth has taken the ‘squire’ role to his younger friend and relies on Pedrol to do the planning for both of them. He is a good honest knight who believes that all good Cormyrian folk should do their duty for the Crown. He will offer his sword to any who need it and upholds all the good virtues of a knight. He reveres Helm and Tyr.

For C&C
LG HM Knight 1
S 15; I 10; W 8; C14; D 17; Ch 13 (primes are Con and Dex and Cha)

Wields a lance and horseman’s sabre (+1 to hit with sabre whilst mounted) and uses a heavy crossbow at times. Excellent rider (consider giving him a +1 bonus per level)

For 3.x
Fighter 1 with horse feats, will take all horse feats first including mounted archery (special: even if he doesn’t qualify due to stats/other feats required), has no skills apart from ride and handle animal horse, (he effectively loses any spare skill points).

For 1E/2E
Cavalier or appropriate knight kit (Fighter), weapon specialisation in horse sabre, NWP’s in ride and handle animal horse

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