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Liongrym Sansilver was slowly making his way up the Thunder Way with the beautiful lands of Cormyr behind him. It was time for him to leave his home and his responsibilities and deal with the enemies of Cormyr decisively and violently once and for all. Politics stopped him from acting against them officially and he was sick to his back teeth with politics. As he rounded the bluff that held the abandoned brigand keep of Arrowspoint he heard voices above him, it seemed that the bandits were back. He smiled to himself and slowly drew his sword out of its scabbard. Silently he climbed the steps cut into the rock wall that led up the bluff and he carefully peered over the edge of the bluff into the shattered hall of Arrowspoint Keep.

“About bloody time Leo” said a famliar voice as Lancelord Black pulled Liongrym up and over the lip of the rockface and not-so-gently shoved him into the ruined main hall. Opposite Liongrym stood Swordlord Culthbert who quickly stepped towards him. Leo felt a thundering crunch on his left cheek and was felled by one punch from the Purple Dragon officier. Leo lay on the floor swallowing his own blood and trying not to choke on the broken tooth that was in his throat. Black gently pulled him up and presented him to Dowager Queen Filfaeril who held a scabbarded sword in her hands, Liongrym looked into her eyes and knew true fear……



‘The Blade of the Lion’ is a Cormyrian steel bastard sword made at the request of Dowager Queen Fifaeril for Lord Liongrym Sansilver, Warden of the East, Lord of Thunderstone. Made in the Royal Armouries in 1385DR the sword’s blade is etched with a stylised Purple Dragon on both sides of the blade. The etchings have been treated with blueshine, making them stand out when the blade is drawn and ensuring it stay free of rust. The pommel is made of magically treated and shaped gold and appears as a roaring lions head with a full mane.

Game Stats:

+ 3 sword, Lions Roar (Great Shout) once a day deals 3d6 damage (save v magic for half damage) in a 60 foot cone as directed by the wielder. The Roar also causes deafness which lasts 1d4+1 rounds if the save is failed, 1 round if the save is made.


In the hands of a Knight (C&C) the sword becomes more powerful.

+3 Commanders Sword, when drawn and shown the Knight can command the loyalty of people nearby who would be normally friendly to the Knight (local peasants etc). This allows the Knight to command them to do a specific task (put that fire out), or calm down a frightened mob etc. If Purple Dragon soldiers are present they will obey the Knights command without question even unto death if the ‘Safety of the Realm is in Peril’.

The sword boosts the Knights abilities by 1 level i.e. the number of rounds embolden et al lasts, all skill checks and saving throws and the effective level the Knight is for the number of people his abilities influence. Hit points and base to hit bonus are not increased by this ability.

The sword bestows a +1 charisma bonus whilst the Knight is in possesion of the sword.

The sword bestows a +1 bonus to saving throws against acid when wielded by a Knight.

The Lions Roar does not allow a saving throw and the deafness last one round per Knight level (minimum 5 rounds).

Liongrym has dubbed this sword ‘The Traitors Blade’ as a reminder of how he was gifted it. In Leo’s hands there have been occasions when his voice has become squeaky, normally when he is hiding his true intentions and thoughts regarding the Realm whilst speaking politics (untruths) with others.


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