ramblings about the Cormyr campaign

Clack – Hammer 1379 Year of the Lost Keep

  • The bitterest winter in three generations has blanketed Cormyr in four foot of snow and ice for the last month. The mistfishers of Immsersea are frozen in despite the best efforts of the Wyvernspur household wizards to unfreeze the harbour. Reports from Arabel and Eveningstar confirm that the deep freeze is forcing many monsters from the Stonelands to venture into northern Cormyr looking for food.
  • In the Halls of the Loyal (Tormite Church near Eagles Peak),  Obiedient Sword Harvyck Arantor has declared that the self styled Baron of Arabel, High Coin Most Fortunate Jenneth of Tymora is a rebel and will be dealt with in a swift and brutal manner in line with the Laws of Torm and Cormyr. Rumours abound that several war wizards stationed in High Horn have been teleporting to Arabel to deliver ‘Torm’s Judgement’ to the rebel Nobles supporting the High Priest of Tymora and his break-away kingdom of Immeresk before Arantor’s army marches at the first spring thaw, ‘To cleanse the chaos of Arabel and restore law and the true monarchy to its people”.
  • Dragonshield Keep has announced that a jointly sponsored adevnturing band will be departing Eveningstar in early spring to provide succour to the small Stoneland hamlets north of the Starwater Gorge. The Priests of Torm from the Keep as well as Priests of Lathander from Eveningstar are welcoming this “bright light of co-operation” between their faiths and are hopeful that the adventurers will be able to drive back the chaos and evil that haunts the Stonelands. It is believed that the group are to be called the Lions of Arwyn Gorge.

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