ramblings about the Cormyr campaign

Dancing Trees

Jaerdar had not meant to get seperated from the others whilst foraging for mushrooms but he had. He had caught sight of Silverbeard a magnificient Hullack stag, perhaps the biggest stag in the Hullack. The underneath of its muzzle was as white as snow and the white fur continued down its throat and sprayed across its chest, bright against the dark red and brown fur. Jaerder has stalked as quietly as he could after Silverbeard, watching him eat and scratch his newly grown antlers against trees to remove their velvet covering. Jaerdar watched entranced as the silver stag stopped abruptly, head held high. sniffing the wind. The stag lept away swiftly a blur of red and a flash of white against the  dark trees. Jaerdar heard a growl as two old wolves emerged from the undergrowth intent on making him their next meal, he stepped away and put his back firmly against a shadowtop. Watching them approach he drew his foraging knife from its sheath and started to cry, old and somewhat toothless these two wolves might be, Jaerder did not have the skill to fight them off. As they closed in on him he sank to the ground and heard his grandmothers voice singing to him just as she did when he was young, her voice was quiet at first  and then it become a roar as he felt the first wolf bite him, the roaring became louder and the pain in his arm unbearable, he opened his eyes to see the trees around him dancing and flailing their limbs and then the face of Arthen ‘Wood Knight’ loomed over him, Jaerder fainted…….



Roaring Wind

Spell level : Druid, 1st level

Range: 60 feet

Duration: 1 turn

This prayer causes a roaring wind to sound in a 20′ x 20′ area as determined by the caster. The sonic roar has an unsetlling effect on any natural animal of less than 3 HD causing a fear affect and driving the animals to flee from the caster. Animals of 4HD or more get a save to ignore the effect. Often called Dancing Trees, the roaring wind can affect vegetation in the area causing it to sway and move as well as stirring up dust and fallen leaves from the ground.


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