ramblings about the Cormyr campaign

Clack – Alturiak 1379 Year of the Lost Keep

  • Plowmaster Heddron Blackowl has been found frozen to death in his potting shed. Heddron who led the House of Plenty in Thunderstone was trialling a way of forcing spring vegetables to grow in the deep winter extending the growing season. Heddron died without a formal line of sucession and advice is being sort from the mother church in Mistledale as to who should lead the flock.
  • Arthen Wood Knight has resigned his positon as the Lords Ranger of Thunderstone. Arthen had served for 46 years and he decided it was time for fresh blood to lead the wood folk of the Hullack.
  • The deep winter chill continues across Cormyr. Food prices rise sharply in the major cities as winter vegetables stand frozen solid  in the fields they were planted.
  • The Thunderflow has frozen solid giving the ‘Horrors of the Hullack an ice bridge into eastern Cormyr. Many strange beasts have been found south of the river as far south as Gars. Purple Dragon patrols are snowed in and little is being done to combat the marauding monsters.

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