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Razenstar’s Spell Storing

Jeoly was carefully looking through the large travel chest the Sentinel of Mystra’s Shrine in Elventree had left her. A gift from her father he had said. The chest was crammed full to the brim with sheafs of parchment,  several  large glass jars filled with little glowing rocks or dozens of eyeballs from  something she did not recognise and one large jar filled with a very bright red liquid she assumed was blood. There are large books in here too she silently said to herself, she could only hope they might be spell tomes. At the  very bottom of the chest, carefully tucked away in one corner  was a small cotton bag holding a rolled up scroll of parchment, an exquistely made braclet made of a very lightweight silvery metal inset with 5 flawless rubies and a note that simply said; “This is perhaps the greatest spell I have ever crafted”. Jeoly recognised her fathers handwriting and sobbed very loudly and for a very long time………

Razenstar’s Spell Storing, Level 7, Wizard

CT  1 round / 1 hour ritual     R touch     D see below    SV  n/a     SR  n/a      Comp V,S,M


This spell allows the caster to make a non permanent item of spell storing (similar to a Ring of Spell Storing). The caster must have an exquisite item of jewellery made (of at least 10,000 gp value) with up to 5 gems embedded into the jewellery (each gem of at least 5,000 gp value).

The caster must prepare the item with a ritual casting of the ‘Enchant an Item’ spell immediately followed by Razenstar’s Spell Storing. This powers up each gem in the item allowing a wizard spell of up to fourth level to be cast into a gem one at a time (to a maximum of 5 spells/gems), the total time for all spells to be cast as part of the ritual cannot exceed 6 turns.

The wizard spells of level 4 and lower that are added as part of the ritual are absorbed by the gems and can be cast later by anyone wearing the spell storing item. The spell storing item created holds the spells indefinately until they are cast (at the level of the wizard who cast them into the item).

To renew/replace spells cast from a spell storing device requires another 6 turn ritual as described above although the caster has the option of leaving uncast spells in the item rather than replacing them with new spells.

The spell storing item is normally a bracelet, pectoral or tiara/head crown to accomodate the required worth of precious metals and gems, and is not destroyed by unleashing the spells from it.


Razenstar’s Anti-magic Ray

Jeoly was settling down to a quiet evening of reading when she noticed a person was stood by her chair, quickly looking up and calling her paralysis spell to mind, she asked quietly who he was and what he was doing in her room.

“Greetings Jeoly Silverwands, I am the Sentinal of Mystra’s Temple in Elventree and I bring you a gift”

” A gift?” Jeoly asked, sitting unmoved in her chair, the weight of the Sentinal’s eyes stopping her from standing up.

“Yes a gift from your Father, a promise made between us when he gifted spell scrolls to the temple”. Jeoly was chilled to the bone, her father was riven from her on another plane of existence, maybe even in another time stream. She sat there trembling and mutely nodded. The Sentinal smiled and left the gift…..

Razenstar’s Anti-magic Ray, Level 5 wizard

CT 1     R 120 feet     D 1round/3 caster levels    SV  n/a     SR  n/a      Comp V,S,M

This spell is a variant of dipel magic. It creates a small eye which appears on the casters hand, this eye can fire a beam at one target per round, the beam acts like a targetted dispel magic. The caster can perform other actions in any round they do not fire the beam (except cast another spell). The spell lasts 1 round for every 3 levels the caster possesses. The material componenet for this spell is a small vial of beholder blood