ramblings about the Cormyr campaign

Medals of the Dragon Throne

The troop stood silently in the village square, surrounded by the folk of the village as well as the curious looks of travellers passing through.  Battlelord Nerov commander of the Thunderstone garrison stepped forward and the crowd fell silent as he started to speak.

“Welcome all who have gathered here. Today we recognise and reward a brave soldier who faced down an owlbear alone allowing his fellows to regroup and recover after the beast ambushed them. The bravery of such a soldier is an inspiration to us all!”

After the cheering of the crowd quieted Nerov continued; “Step forward Blade Castleforn”. Gwillon Castleforn duly stepped forward, though somewhat awkwardly given his arm was in a sling and his left knee badly swollen. A massive grin lit up his not too pretty face  as he limped towards his commanding officer. Battlelord Nerov gently lifted a small copper badge and silver pin out of a wooden box being carried by the local Lords Herald. “In honour of your courage and selfless actions I hereby award you a medal of the Dragon Throne” his next words were drowned out by the roars of approval from the rest of the troop, though the Herald heard Nerov whisper to Castleforn “and don’t be so bloody stupid next time and run away like the rest……”

In the ongoing campaign simple medals are given to troops and other agents of the Crown who demonstrate actions for the betterment of the Crown and the Dragon Throne. The medals are more like badges with a silver pin attached, all badges are a stylised dragon and are made from a variety of substances, each of which gives a different benefit.

Wood +1 hitpoint

Copper +1 hitpoint per level

Bronze +1 AC

Silver +1 hitpoint per level and +1 AC bonus

Gold +1 AC and +1 to saving throws

Platinum +1 AC , +1 to saving throws, +1 to hit and +1 to damage

Iron +2 saves

Steel +2 AC

Meteoritic Steel +3 AC

Lead +3 to saves, -1 hitpoint/level

Mithral +2 AC and 1 damage reduction

Adamantite +2 to hit and damage, +1 to AC

It is rumoured that the pins given to officers and more important folk of the realm also have a minor spell ability that can be called upon once a day by the will of the wearer, (spells might include, sleep, detect invisibility, hold person and prayer)

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