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Dancing Trees

Jaerdar had not meant to get seperated from the others whilst foraging for mushrooms but he had. He had caught sight of Silverbeard a magnificient Hullack stag, perhaps the biggest stag in the Hullack. The underneath of its muzzle was as white as snow and the white fur continued down its throat and sprayed across its chest, bright against the dark red and brown fur. Jaerder has stalked as quietly as he could after Silverbeard, watching him eat and scratch his newly grown antlers against trees to remove their velvet covering. Jaerdar watched entranced as the silver stag stopped abruptly, head held high. sniffing the wind. The stag lept away swiftly a blur of red and a flash of white against the  dark trees. Jaerdar heard a growl as two old wolves emerged from the undergrowth intent on making him their next meal, he stepped away and put his back firmly against a shadowtop. Watching them approach he drew his foraging knife from its sheath and started to cry, old and somewhat toothless these two wolves might be, Jaerder did not have the skill to fight them off. As they closed in on him he sank to the ground and heard his grandmothers voice singing to him just as she did when he was young, her voice was quiet at first  and then it become a roar as he felt the first wolf bite him, the roaring became louder and the pain in his arm unbearable, he opened his eyes to see the trees around him dancing and flailing their limbs and then the face of Arthen ‘Wood Knight’ loomed over him, Jaerder fainted…….



Roaring Wind

Spell level : Druid, 1st level

Range: 60 feet

Duration: 1 turn

This prayer causes a roaring wind to sound in a 20′ x 20′ area as determined by the caster. The sonic roar has an unsetlling effect on any natural animal of less than 3 HD causing a fear affect and driving the animals to flee from the caster. Animals of 4HD or more get a save to ignore the effect. Often called Dancing Trees, the roaring wind can affect vegetation in the area causing it to sway and move as well as stirring up dust and fallen leaves from the ground.


Rat Race

Lord Xenith was carefully searching the abandoned thorp of  Erimar, Xaven the scout approached and quietly beckoned his liege forward. They espied an open barn and within it one darkly robed man and six armoured men. They had herded the dozen villagers into the barn and then the wizard had started his work.

Lord Xenith was too late to save any of the villagers, they had been tied up and then killed.The wizard was extracting the innards from the disembowled victims and keeping the liver and pancreas. A holy rage built up in Xenith and he strode forward to the open barn. The first warrior fell before he has time to draw his sword, the second had barely turned around before his head was smote from his body. Xaven killed the third and fourth with well placed arrows, the last two warriors charged Xenith in a futile attempt to overbear the paladin but failed and the price of their failure was a swift death.

The wizard stood looking at Xenith and carefuly cast a spell, Xenith readed himself for the magical assault but it did not come, instead something very odd and quite unsettling happened, the wizard became a shifting squeaking mass of rats, holding the same shape and size of the wizard and then the mass fell to the ground and dozens, perhaps a hundred or more rats spilled out in all directions, running and squeaking and clawing at the dead villagers. Xenith and Xaven hacked and hewed at the mass of rats who were quickly disappearing into every nook and cranny they could find. The rats had gone and so had the wizard…….


Rat Race

Spell Level: Magic User, 2nd Level

Range: Caster

Duration: 1 hour

Rat Race is a variant of the invisibility spell except as noted. The spell creates an illusion of the casters body turning into dozen’s of rats who then fall to the floor and scurry away as quickly as possible. The duration relates to how long the invisibility lasts (assuming the caster does not attack), See invisibility spell for other parameters.

Anshaelon’s Choker

Jeoly Silverwands carefully put her hand into the phase spider silk bag she had been given for her first birthday and gently pulled forth a simple silver choker inset with a small red ruby that was warm to touch and blazed bright from a shimmering flame held within. She carefully offered it to Tamasham the Bard who quietly took it from her. Tamasham was a very wise and a very old Elf and as he mentally called upon his vast knowledge of magical lore the name Anshaelon came into his mind……

“Anshaelon was a sorceress of the Lythlorn Woods when Suzail was barely more than a few wooden huts clustered around a few muddy fields. She was skilled in battle magics and protected the eastern Wolf Woods from the everlasting ones that raided every spring from the swamps of Orva. Legends say that her spirit was of fire and when she realised that her fire was about to burn out, she breathed out her last spark of life as a living flame that cooled and coalesced into a small red ruby. Her apprentices crafted a silver choker and placed Anshaelon’s last breath at its centre, as they did so it flared brightly and the heat fused the ruby to the choker making an unbreakable bond. For many years it served the guardians of the east in repelling the annual troll raids but was lost in the swamp in 420 Dale Reckoning The Year of the Last Breath”


Anshaelons Choker is a very thin, exquisitely made elven silver choker set with a small ruby. The flame can be called forth once per day (once every 144 turns) and creates a one foot thick wall of fire that can be shaped by the wearer of the choker as they wish e.g. it can be shaped to form a box or shaped around objects or people as the caster determines making multiple turns and changes of direction to a maximum length of 240 feet. It functions as if cast by a 12th level caster for area of effect and damage dealt. The firewall always does maximum damage (24 points) and cannot be brought down by cold magics although it can be dispelled. It bypasses all magic/spell resistance and can even burn creatures that are immune to fire attacks albeit for 12 points of damage, (sages thoerize that the fire is actually the life force of Anshaelon rather than magical flame hence why it is so powerful).