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Ceremony of the Cups

As part of the Feast of the Moon festival held at the start of winter that remembers and honours the dead, the Purple Dragon Soldiers in Thunderstone hold their own service with the support of the Lords of Thunderstone.

The Ceremony of the Cups remembers fallen soldiers from the Thunderstone garrison. Each dead soldier has a wooden cup carved for them from a branch of a shadowtop tree from the Hullack Forest, their name is engraved onto the cup and the cups are proudly displayed in the main hall of the Lords tower for all the villages to see.

After the dead are blessed in the communial graveyard the village folk return to the Lords Hall where warm spiced cider and hot soup is served to all whilst the garrison commander reads out the names of the soldiers that have died whilst defending the Dragon Throne. Although the event is a solemn one, the cider and soup soon warms everyone up for the rest of the day, culminating at night with a massive pig roast where more spiced cider is drunk, the tales of the dead grow every more fantastic and much dancing amd laughter take place. A positive way to end the day of mourning.